Kate has just joined our team in January 2019 and we look forward to you getting to know her. She’s fresh out of school, with an amazing, gentle confidence about her – shes knows what needs doing and gets on with it. That’s no-nonsense-Kate! She’s funny too… she seems quiet, but there’s a quirkiness underneath that sneaks out and we love it! Welcome to the team Kate 🙂



Hi, I’m Kate!

I graduated from high school in 2018 and have just begun studying midwifery at Uni SA. I am the newest addition to the Chiropractic on Unley team and am absolutely loving it so far.

Previously I have worked in hospitality and I am really excited to be able to get the opportunity to work at the same chiropractor I have been seeing since the age of 2!

Looking forward to meeting and getting to know everyone!

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