Save your place! Join us at the practice to learn all about how you can improve the way you sit, sleep and stand… you do those things, right? Pick the one that suits you best – or come to them all! Bring a friend or come alone. Anyone welcome – just call to book and we’ll put out a chair for you!

Wednesday 12th February 6pm

Wednesday 13th May 6pm

Tuesday 26th May 6pm

Wednesday 12th August 6pm

Tuesday 10th November 6pm



We all can acknowledge that good posture is an important part of everyday life; from how we sit at work, to how we stand when we are out in public. Believe it or not, it is vital to the function of every part of your body. There are many contributing factors to an incorrect posture pattern and the underlying structure of your body could be the primary issue. 

Coupled with your Chiropractic care, reducing and changing these contributing factors to optimise your posture may be one of the best things YOU can do to avoid long term damage, as well as to increase your health and longevity. 

The big ticket factors we see most commonly are: Sitting, Standing and Sleeping. Hence, this workshop! It’s to help you learn the tools to best sit, stand and sleep regardless of your pillow, chair or cool-looking pair of shoes. 

Spend any time at a chair and desk? Learn how to make any chair work with your body instead of against it. 

Are your favourite pair of shoes changing the function of your spine? Let’s check your shoes.

RestLESS at night? Let’s make any pillow work for you and your body for a restFUL night of sleep.



SONDER: n. the realisation that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own.

The Sonder Series evenings are held occasionally at Chiropractic On Unley, on various topics, and are designed for you to learn, grow and have your own profound awakenings. These events are FREE and anyone is welcome – we limit ticket sales to 15 per event so be sure to book your ticket through the Eventbrite link for the event you wish to attend.

Watch this space – 2020 events listed here soon!

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